Company Profile

Name Best Brass Corporation
Foundation November 24th, 1999
Establishment April 1st, 2011
President&CEO Kota Hamanaga
Address 314 Nishimachi Chuo-ku Hamamatsu-shi
Shizuoka-ken, 430-0821

Company history

Nov.1999 Best Brass Corporation (Ryuyo-cho, Iwata) established.
Mar.2000 Internet web site established.
Apr.2000 ‘Wow-Wow’ (2 trumpet models), launched.
May.2000 Shogen-cho office (Hamamatsu) established.
9 trumpet Mp, launched.
Feb.2001 3 trumpet ‘Straight’/ 1 trumpet ‘Wow-wow’, launched.
Mar. 2001 3 horn Mp/ 5 trombone Mp, launched.
Apr.2001 ‘e-Brass’: the build-in electronic mute, lauched.
Awarded a prize for eBrass. (the 13th Risona foundation)
Oct.2001 ‘Powerpiece’: the high-power mouthpiece, launched
May.2002 Additional Powerpiece model, launched.
Nov.2002 ‘e-Brass Horn’, launched.
Feb.2003 3 trombone Mps, launched.
Mar.2003 ‘e-Brass Trombone’, launched.
May.2003 ‘e-Brass Flugelhorn’, launched.
Jun. 2003 ‘Gestopft’: the world first “Non-transposing” stop mute, launched.
July 2003 ‘e-Brass Bass Trombone’, launched.
Sep. 2003 Approved as MI(managerially innovative) company.(Shizuoka)
Mar. 2004 ‘AIOLIA’, launched.
Jun. 2004 Awarded a prize for AIOLIA (the 5th Hamamatsu city)
Aug. 2004 ‘Warm-up Trombone’, launched
July 2005 ‘ARTEMIS’, launched.
Nov. 2005 ‘e-Sax Alto’: the world first silencer for saxophone, launched.
Oct. 2005 ‘Warm-up (Tp/Hr/Btb/Ep)’, launched.
Dec. 2005 Nichimachi office(Hamamatsu), established.
July 2007 ‘e-Sax Tenor’ & ‘e-Sax Alto TypeⅡ’, launched
Sep. 2007 ‘New e-Brass(trumpet)’, launched.
Mar. 2008 ‘New e-Brass(Hr/Tb/Btb)’, launched.
Mar.2009 the first exhibit at Musikmesse
May.2009 ‘Groove series’ (56 Mps), launched.
Sep.2009 ‘Warm-up Jr.’ for trumpet, launched.
Jan. 2010 the first exhibit at NAMM show.
Mar. 2011 ‘APHRODITE’, ‘3-Way Cup’, & ‘e-Guitar’, launched.
Apr.2011 Kota Hamanaga took the president's chair.
May.2011 the first exhibit at International Trumpet Guild.
July.2011 started a distribution of Soulo mutes
Nov. 2011 Awarded a prize for e-Guitar (the 10th Iwata CU)
Dec. 2011 ‘Wah-Wah&Cool Jazz’ for piccolo trumpet, launched.
New ‘Straight’(Tb/Btb), launched.
Feb.2012 ‘Straight’ for piccolo trumpet, launched.
Oct. 2012 the first exhibit at Music China (Japan Pavilion)
Nov. 2012 ‘Pure Titan’: the titanium Mp made with M.I.M technology, launched.
Mar. 2013 e-BrassⅢ(Tp/Tb/Hr), launched.
Warm-up Jr. (Tb/Hr), launched.
May. 2013 Introduced a new ‘Gestopft Nontransposing’.
Oct. 2013 ‘Straight mini’ (Tp/Tb/Btb), launched.
Nov. 2013 ‘e-Guitar Jr. Classic’ & ‘e-Guitar Acoustic’, launched.
Feb. 2014 Awarded a prize of Science and Technology Promotion. (Shizuoka pref.)
Dec. 2014 the first exhibit at Mid-West Clinic
Apr. 2015 e-BrassⅣ(for trumpet), launched.
July 2015 Nationwide TV broadcast featured Best Brass products. (Wafu Sohonke)
Aug. 2015 started a distribution of ‘the Staccator’
Dec. 2015 Groove ”Kai”, launched.
the first exhibit at Hamamatsu Gakki Festival
May. 2016 ‘Warm-up nano.’, launched.
‘Cool Jazz’ for trumpet, launched.
Aug. 2016 New invention of ‘Hamanaga Waterkey’
Sep. 2016 ‘ARTEMIS –MAXIMUS-‘, launched.
Dec. 2016 Groove Mps ‘HR-AX’ & ‘EP/TB’, launched.
Jan. 2017 Chosen as the representative of musical instruments manufacturer in Hamamatsu.

Message from President&CEO

It was in 1999 my father, Shinji Hamanaga, founded a company in his small room on 2nd floor of my home. The brand name: ‘Best Brass’ is based upon his philosophy, mission, and passion: “to develop the world’s best brass instruments”.
And now, Best Brass actually has been acquiring a great reputation from all over the world by developing unique and high-quality products for brass musicians.
My goal is to bring a new vitality to the world of brass instruments, using technical innovation, developing new designs, and high quality manufacturing, all of which incorporate the input of great musicians. Best Brass respects the principles of the great brass designers of the past, and we strive to improve on the creations of those pioneers producing musical instruments that look beautiful, that sound great, and have a perfect mechanism. Our challenge is to maintain continuous creativity powered by a deep felt passion for excellence.
Best Brass is a financially independent company which means we can devote as much time and energy as we like studying the essence of traditional brass production while at the same time researching the use of new materials, and designing new parts and mechanisms.
As President and CEO of Best Brass, I have great ambitions for this company, which my father founded, and I have been inspired by and share his passion for this work. My mission is to meet—and exceed—the expectations of the most discerning brass enthusiasts, by making available the best possible musical instruments which will inspire players to create their ultimate musical voices.
I sincerely believe that the innovative designs of Best Brass products can add some unique color and richness to the world of brass musical instruments.

Kota Hamanaga

 President&CEO Kota Hamanaga Shinji Hamanaga
Kota Hamanaga
Shinji Hamanaga


Coming to our office by car Our company locates at the corner of Nishi-machi crossing R150.
From Hamamatsu station Please take Entetsu line #92, 94, 97by bus and get off at Nishimachi bus stop.